Free GRE Vocabulary Software

Proprietary Smart Deck and Recallculator:
  Full Version is now available totally free.

– Learn more GRE words faster and better than studying any other way
The Programs  
  • Smart Deck builds GRE vocabulary through paired-association (flash-card) method
  • Simple and effortless–you need to spend time learning words, not how to use a study program
  • Optimal spacing and repetition function helps you memorize more GRE words with greater efficiency than any other system

  • Recallculator strengthens associations through recall (fill-in-the blank) method
  • Dynamically calculates its spacing and repetition cycles based on single-click user feedback
  • Hint feature allows you to apply two additional strategies, keyword and sentence-context, to the GRE vocabulary words you're having trouble learning

The Ultimate GRE Word List (included)  
  • Contains 1230 high-frequency GRE vocabulary words that have been selected from past official GRE tests and top GRE prep manuals or that represent a similar degree of specificity / obscurity
  • Each GRE vocabulary word is ranked (1-3; 1=most important / difficult) according to its frequency of appearance in GRE tests and manuals as well as its relative difficulty and obscurity
  • The definitions are brief and balance accuracy with memorizability
  • Definition words that are also GRE vocabulary words are placed within brackets, which helps you learn synonyms in groups

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