VRO & VRA Preliminary Keys 2012

VRO Preliminary Key 2012
VRA Preliminary Key 2012

State to block nationwide joint BE test for 2 years

The state government will object to the Union HRD ministry’s decision to replace IIT-JEE and AIEEE from next year with a single national entrance test — Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test (Iseet).

Deputy Chief Minister Damodara Raja Narasimha and principal secretary of higher education G. Gopal will place the state’s objections during the State Education Ministers’ Conference to be held in New Delhi on February 22.

In the HRD ministry’s scheme of things, the Iseet will carry a weightage of 40 per cent for 10+2 while giving admissions to IITs, NITs, IIITs and Centrally-funded technical institutes.

The HRD ministry has also been asking states to replace their respective co-mmon entrance tests — Ea-mcet in the case of Andhra Pradesh — with Iseet from 2014 for admissions to engineering colleges across the country to save students from the trouble of appearing for multiple exams and to relieve them from incurring unnecessary expenditure towards additional exam fees etc. 

The decision to scrap IIT-JEE and AIEEE from 2013 has evo-ked protests from students, parents, teachers and college managements, who say the timing is wrong.

They argue that any change should be applicable to a fresh batch of students who will take admissions in 10+2 courses in the coming academic year (2012) so that they can prepare accordingly to face Iseet in 2014.

They have asked the state government to urge the Centre to implement Iseet from 2014 so that students who are currently doing their 10+2 courses can appear for IIT-JEE

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4.5% reservation for minorities in IITs from this year

There is good news for IIT aspirants from the minority community. The IIT-JEE Admission Committee has decided to implement 4.5 per cent reservation for them within the 27 per cent seats meant for the Other Backward Classes (OBCs) from this year.

Those minority candidates who had submitted the application forms online and have not mentioned their status can do so on the IIT-JEE website — — by giving an undertaking that they have a minority status and would submit the certificate before the exam on April 8.

The undertaking has to be given to the respective zonal offices before March 20.

IIT-JEE Chairman G.B. Reddy said the application forms did not carry this information as this development was recent. He asked the students to submit the undertaking first and later submit the certificate to claim reservation.

“We are giving enough time for candidates to secure the certificate. Non-submission of certificate will result in candidates not being considered for the category as a separate list will be prepared,” he said.

“It is for the State government to decide who fits in the minority category and certificate issued by the tehsildar concerned will be valid.”

Following the reservation, around 430 minority candidates are likely to get admission in the 17 IITs across the country going by last year's figure of total 9,500 odd seats.

Professor Reddy said the final figure would be available after March 25, when the IITs have been asked to submit the list of availability of seats. Some IITs increase the seats and some others introduce new programmes. IIT-Hyderabad has written to the JEE Chairman that it will start two new programmes this year — Civil Engineering and Engineering Science, with 25 seats each.

So far 5,07,607 applications have been received by the IITs, slight increase from last year's figure. But the final number may change as some candidates have applied in two zones, while some others have failed to provide the necessary documents. “We are writing to all such candidates to choose the zone they wish to appear in and also submit the documents immediately. The variation may not be huge,” Professor Reddy said.

Kanpur zone saw maximum applicants this year. Madras zone received about 78,000 applications. Last year, Bombay zone received the maximum applications. “We have altered the allocation of cities, where exam will be held, to different zones to ensure equal workload,” he said.

Source : Hindu

JNTU-HYD : B.Tech 3-1 & 3-2 (R09,R07,R05,RR) Regular/Supple Exams Results (Dec 2011/Jan 2012)

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B.Tech 3-1 (R09) Regular Exams Results (Dec 2011)
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B.Tech 3-1 (R07) Supplementary Exams Results (Dec 2011)
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B.Tech 3-1 (R05) Supplementary Exams Results (Dec 2011)
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B.Tech 3-1 (RR) Supplementary Exams Results (Dec 2011)
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B.Tech 3-2 (R07) Supplementary Exams Results (Dec 2011/Jan 2012)
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B.Tech 3-2 (R05) Supplementary Exams Results (Dec 2011/Jan 2012)
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B.Tech 3-2 (RR) Supplementary Exams Results (Dec 2011/Jan 2012)
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Last Date For RC/RV is 23rd Feb 2012
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Weekly events in JBIET,hyderabad


In a colg. named JBIET, a club(CLIQUE) under ECE is soon going to conduct weekly events for the students of ECE for the development of their communication skills and even helping with their presentation and technical skills.

Weekly Events comprise:
->JAM sessions
->Group Discussions
->A few Sessions based to presentation
 which would boost the confidence of students and help them to excel in their communication and presentation skills.

And in the first week they are likely to conduct JAM sessions.
and the rules are:

JNTU-HYD : B.Tech 4-1 (R07,R05,RR) Regular/Supple Exams Results(Dec 2011)

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B.Tech. IV Year I Semester (R07) Results - November, 2011
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B.Tech. IV Year I Semester (R05) Results - November, 2011
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B.Tech. IV Year I Semester (RR) Results - November, 2011
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R07 % & Credit Calculators
R07 (Lateral Entry Scheme) Percentage / credit Calculator
Note: As per JNTU R07 regulation, percentage is calculated for BEST 216 credits out of 224 we had prepared the calculator in such a way to calculate the % for Best of 216 credits only.

JNTU-HYD : 1st Year B.Tech / B.Pharmacy (R09) II Mid Term Exams Time Tables (Feb 2012)

I B.Tech (R09) - II Mid Term Exams Time Tables (Feburary 2012)
I B.Pharmacy (R09) - II Mid Term Exams Time Tables (Feburary 2012)

WikiLeaks' Assange begins final British appeal against extradition

REPORTING FROM LONDON -- Julian Assange, founder of the WikiLeaks whistle-blowing website, began  his final stand in Britain on Wednesday against efforts to extradite him to Sweden to face allegations of sexual misconduct and rape.
The 40-year-old Australian looked calm, relaxed and attentive as the two-day hearing got underway in the 19th century wood-paneled courtroom, the final British appeal against a European arrest warrant issued by a Swedish prosecutor in November 2010.
Assange is challenging a court ruling last February authorizing his extradition. His appeal was dismissed by the British High Court in November, but he won the right to further review before the Supreme Court on the technical grounds that a Swedish prosecutor does not hold authority to issue a European arrest warrant.
Defense lawyer Dinah Rose addressed a panel of seven senior judges, laying out detailed arguments defining “the benchmark” of her defense: that the judicial authority that issues a European arrest warrant must be “independent of the executive and of parties. The Swedish prosecutor is a party and cannot be an authority.
"No one may be a judge in their own case,” she argued. 
Rose launched a detailed examination of the language and context of the European arrest warrant, which was instituted in 2003 to more effectively enable European Union countries to prosecute criminals moving around in the alliance's territory, with its disparate legal systems. She laid out her arguments that “the executing judicial authority must be an independent judge.”
Assange was arrested in London in 2010 shortly after arriving there from Sweden, where two women had lodged complaints against him of sexual molestation and rape during an August 2010 visit.    
He is also under investigation in the United States on suspicion of disseminating classified diplomatic and state documents on WikiLeaks, revealing inside information affecting governments around the world.  U.S. Army Pfc. Bradley Manning is facing charges related to the WikiLeaks release, and Assange and his supporters fear he would be extradited from Sweden to the U.S. to face charges.
Should the court rule in favor of extraditing Assange, who is currently free on bail, he would have a last right to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. It would have to give its decision on whether to take on his case within 14 days.
On Thursday, the British court will hear arguments from the Crown Prosecution Service acting for the Swedish Judicial Authority. The seven judges are not expected to reach a verdict for several weeks.

Pakistani intelligence helping Taliban: NATO report

A leaked NATO report in Afghanistan says the Taliban are being directly assisted by Pakistan's intelligence service, the ISI, and have widespread support among the Afghan people.
A NATO spokesman in Kabul says the report is not an analysis of the military campaign, but a compilation of the opinions of Taliban detainees.
The report also alleges that Afghan security personnel are selling arms to the insurgents.
But Pakistan's foreign ministry spokesman Abdul Basit has dismissed the allegations, saying they have no weight.
"Talk of links between the Taliban and our intelligence agencies; this is all frivolous because the entire international community knows very well that Pakistan is strongly committed to non-interference in the internal affairs of Afghanistan and the leak of this report on the eve of our foreign minister's visit to Kabul is indeed intriguing," he said.
But Pakistan is finding it harder to convince outsiders it is not helping the Afghan Taliban and giving safe haven to its leaders.
Pakistan has been accused of effectively betting that the insurgents are the strongest power in Afghanistan.
The report could be interpreted as a damning assessment of the war, dragging into its 11th year and aimed at blocking a Taliban return to power.
It could also be seen as an admission of defeat and could reinforce the view of Taliban hardliners that they should not negotiate with the United States and president Hamid Karzai's unpopular government while in a position of strength.
It could also boost the Taliban's confidence and make its leaders less willing to make concessions on demands for a ceasefire, and for the insurgency to renounce violence and break ties to Al Qaeda.

No negotiations

The Taliban chose the same day to deny that they would soon hold talks with Mr Karzai's government in Saudi Arabia to end the war.
"There is no truth in these published reports saying that the delegation of the Islamic Emirate would meet with representatives of the Karzai government in Saudi Arabia in the near future," the Taliban said on their website.
Afghan officials had suggested that talks in Saudi Arabia would be in addition to contacts in Qatar between the Taliban and the United States.
But it was never clear whether the Taliban, who have resisted talks with the Afghan government, or the Saudis, who have conditioned involvement on the Taliban renouncing Al Qaeda, would come on board.
Taliban negotiators have begun preliminary discussions with the United States in Qatar on plans for peace talks aimed at ending the war.
But they said in their statement on Wednesday that they had not yet "reached the negotiation phase with the US and its allies".
"Before there are negotiations there should be a trust-building phase, which has not begun yet," the statement said.

Facebook IPO: Silicon Valley braces for instant millionaires

SAN FRANCISCO: Even before Facebook goes public, Silicon Valley is buzzing in anticipation of the "instant millionaires" that may soon be looking for ways to spend their newfound wealth. 

Eight years after Mark Zuckerberg founded the company in a Harvard dorm room, the stock market debut is expected to value the social media giant at as much as $100 billion. 

While Zuckerberg and other longtime staffers stand to benefit the most, the initial public offering, which is expected as early as Wednesday, could also make millionaires out of much of the company's rank-and-file.

Local real estate agents say they expect the IPO, anticipated to be the largest ever by a technology company, to boost already high home prices as newly wealthy staffers at the social media giant begin shopping. 

"It's going to have a great effect," said Pierre Buljan, a Silicon Valley real estate agent who shows homes to young technology executives. "I believe with 1,000 new millionaires, they're going to need a place to live." 

Buljan said his typical client often seeks "modern, high-tech structures" close to the airport and good schools. "They don't like the stuff their parents used to live in," he said. 

Typically clients pay cash for the homes, he said, which can range anywhere from 4,000 to 15,000 square feet (372 to 1,393 square meters) depending on the size of the family. 

Real estate agent Dawn Thomas said she is already seeing home prices rise in areas surrounding Facebook's Menlo Park headquarters and expects that to continue. "You're going to have all these instant millionaires on the streets," Thomas said. "The trickle is already happening." 

Thomas described her tech-savvy homebuyers as "very, very green-minded" and in search of smaller, tech-equipped, energy-efficient homes with high-end amenities. "They don't want 'McMansions,'" she said, referring to super-sized houses that can gobble up energy. 

Thomas and Buljan both cautioned that it will take time to see the full effect of the IPO. Facebook shares will not actually begin trading on Wall Street until later this year. The social networking company may also be taking steps to avoid sparking a buying craze that could spark another housing bubble. 

Buljan said he's heard Facebook has cautioned its soon-to-be millionaires to take their time when purchasing a home in order to avoid staffers flooding the market and essentially bidding against each other. 

"They're very young, 20s and 30s, and the fact is they're getting some good warnings from inside company execs," Buljan said. "They don't want it to be about Facebook has got all these crazy people out there shopping." 

Big day: Supreme Court ruling on 2G scam case on Thursday

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court will on Thursday pronounce its judgements on the petitions seeking a direction for a probe into the alleged role of home minister P Chidambaramin 2G spectrum scam and for cancellation of 122 radiowave licences granted during the tenure ofA Raja as telecom minister. 

The judgements will be pronounced by a bench comprising Justices G S Singhvi and A K Ganguly which had reserved its verdict on the plea for probe against Chidambaram and for cancellation of licences of spectrum on October 10 and March 17 respectively last year. 

The unanimous verdicts on both the petitions would be pronounced by Justice Singhvi. 

Since Justice Ganguly is retiring tomorrow, he will be sitting in a bench headed by Chief Justice of India S H Kapadia. 

The petitions on both the issues were filed by NGO Centre for Public Interest Litigation(CPIL) and Janata Party chief Subramanian Swamy. 

The role of Chidambaram in the 2G scam was raised in the Supreme Court by the petitioners who had pointed out that there was evidence on record showing that the decision regarding pricing of spectrum was taken jointly by him and Raja. 

A finance ministry note to the PMO signed by Pranab Mukherjee was also taken on record by the apex court in which it was stated that the scam could have been averted had Chidambram suggested the policy of auction instead of first-come-first-served policy on allocation of spectrum. 

The Centre and CBI had vehemently opposed any probe against Chidambram who was the finance minister at the time of allotment of spectrum in 2008. 

They had maintained that Chidambaram was not in direct communication with the then telecom minister A Raja in determining the price of the radio waves. 

However, Swamy and the Centre for Public Interest Litigation (CPIL) had refuted the claims of CBI and the Centre that Chidambaram was not in the picture till January, 10, 2008, when the Department of Telecommunication (DoT) headed by Raja issued 122 Letters of Intent (LoIs) to telecom companies without following the policy of auction. 

Swamy and CPIL's counsel Prashant Bhushan had contended Chidambaram was "consistently" informed of what was going on and "till November 30, 2007, Chidambaram was apprised of what Raja was upto". 

Swamy and Bhushan said the finance ministry officials were for allocation of spectrum through auction but they were overruled by Chidambaram. 

Swamy said there there were documents to show that Raja and Chidambaram met four times on the issue and had a meeting of minds in the commission of the offences.