GRE Tales

This book (NEW 2009) contains lots of useful strategies, tactics, techniques and tips. It's like tale about GRE, something is in it.. but it contains only 2 full practice tests, without practice you won't remember all the strategies that are mentioned in this "GRE Tales". It is good additional material to your preparations.
It’s called “GRE Tales” cause if I reveal the real name it will be soon banned… But if you know it – don’t post it in comments.

"GRE Tales" includes: 

The 5 Secret Keys to GRE Success: 
- Time is Your Greatest Enemy, 
- Guessing is Not Guesswork,
- Practice Smarter, Not Harder,
- Prepare, Don't Procrastinate,
- Test Yourself;

A comprehensive Quantitative review including:
- The Easiest Math Review You'll Ever Read,
- Solving for Variables,
- Breezing Through Word Problems,
- Keeping Probability Simple,
- Using the Right Formulas,
- Graphing for Success,
- Racing Through Ratios,
- Understanding Line Plotting,
- Mastering Difficult Problems;

A comprehensive Verbal review including:
- Determining the Relationships,
- Making Strategic Eliminations,
- Recognizing Switchback Words,
- Understanding Word Types,
- Finding the Right Opportunities,
- When Truth Doesn't Equal Correctness,
- Avoiding the Trap of Familiarity,
- Making Logic Work for You,
- Skimming Techniques to Save Time;

A comprehensive Analytical Writing review including:
- Approaching a Topic,
- Brainstorming for Success,
- Picking a Main Idea,
- Starting Your Engines,
- Strength Through Diversity,
- Weeding Your Garden,
- Creating a Logical Flow,
- Avoiding the Panic,
- Checking Your Work,

plus other special tips and secrets to help you prepare for your exam...

Additional material to the Book.
Study Secrets
How to Overcome Test Anxiety
Should You Retake Your Test?
How to Overcome Your Fear of Math
What Does Your GRE Score Mean? 
High Frequency Vocabulary List
Prefixes and Suffixes
GRE Math Formulas
GRE Secrets in Action
Graduate School Secrets
How to Pay for Graduate School
What Your Test Score Can Tell You About Your IQ

As for me: This book can be used as additional material, when you are tired with doing problems or learning new words, you can read some tactics from it before you fall asleep ;)

Format: pdf (in rar)
Size: 2.5 MB