Why is the sky blue? Questions that parents fear

London, Jan 22 (TruthDive): Kids bombard their parents with questions every day on all range of subjects and now a survey has identified the 10 most-feared children’s questions, by grown-ups.
Top of the list :  ”Why is the moon sometimes out in the day?”
Next comes    :   “Why is the sky blue?”
Researchers found that two-thirds of parents are often stumped for an answer by their children’s questions, particularly on mathematics and science.
Researchers for the Big Bang UK Young Scientists and Engineers Fair interviewed 2,000 parents of children aged between 5 and 16. Two-thirds of parents said they struggled with their children’s science queries and a quarter of mothers and fathers admitted to feeling frustrated and embarrassed by their intellectual shortcomings. One in three admitted to furtive researching to save face before answering their children.
A fifth of people said they either invented an answer or claimed no one knew the truth and 16 per cent of respondents simply passed on the query to the other parent.
About 10% of mothers said their limited knowledge was due to the lack of support and encouragement they received when they were at school.
Professor Cox said: “With more and more youngsters getting stuck into science and maths both in and out of school, it’s no wonder they are constantly questioning the world around them.”
“The best thing parents can do is work with their children to find the answers. Not only can it be fun, but you’ll both learn something new along the way.”
Finally the survey suggests, parents are failing to keep up with their children’s scientific knowledge.
The 10 most awkward questions
1. Why is the moon sometimes out in the day?
2. Why is the sky blue?
3. Will we ever discover aliens?
4. How much does the earth weigh?
5. How do airplanes stay in the air?
6. Why is water wet?
7. How do I do long division?
8. Where do birds/bees go in winter?
9. What makes a rainbow?
10. Why are there different time zones on earth?