Why should i write the GRE ?

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GRE stands for Graduate record examinations. Your GRE score is required for applying to the Master's or Doctoral programs in the United States. Some business school recently started accepting GRE scores instead of GMAT.

There is plenty of information on the internet about how to prepare for GRE. The missing information ??? Who should consider writing GRE?

Check list of qualities needed for a graduate student.

1. A passionate desire to do research- Research will not be interesting unless you have strongly desire to investigate why something is happening. Something that interests you than any other routine activity.

2. Patience- Research is not a rosy path. You don't stumble upon a new invention or get a new result overnight. You have to keep working until get what you want.

3. Persistence

4. Good writing skills-It is said that research not published is research not done. Your potential will evaluated in terms of the number of research papers you publish.

5. Ability to work in groups

If you are convinced that graduate school is the right option for you, go ahead and start preparing for your GRE.

With a planned preparation and proper revision you can definitely get a good GRE score.
All the best for your future endeavors.