Studying vocabulary for GRE a nightmare??

For many test takers studying long, hard to remember unending list of vocabulary is indeed a nightmare. Improving your vocabulary is more of an art than just cramming word lists. 

Often in life you may be required to tasks that seem to be so tiresome and hard to get through. But always remember that you can find a way out the trouble no matter what. In here I would like to summarize a few ways of getting rid the vocabulary nightmare.

1. It is difficult to remember something a word that we dont use often. So incorporate the words that you learn in your speech.

2. Learning words should be a cumulative process. Let say you learnt 10 words yesterday. Before starting 10 new words today, revise the old 10 words and then begin the new words. The day after, revise the old 20 words and learn another 10. The increasing number of revisions help retain the information in your mind better.

3.Here is a small technique to remember words more easily. Break words, to tell a small easy to remember story. You can break it in any language as long as you can make a story. It is a nice and fun way to learn words.

Some examples

Afoot= make progress ( break into a + foot , you can think of walking by foot, and so making progress on a path)
abase = to lower the value of something ( break it into a + base, think of reducing something to the base level, so you lowered the value)
admonish = warning (split it into ad + money , so ads on money is like a warning sign to not spend more money loooking at ads)
accumen = Quickness of intellectual insight ( break it into accu + men, so something like men/women have good IQ and can and quickly and sharply solve a problem)

So get going. Plan your time well and make sure you revise every day.

A little effort everyday adds up to big results.